Courage to Persevere


It’s daffodil season in the Carolinas, the in-between time that is no longer truly winter but not yet Spring. Our daffodils bloomed the first week in February this year, called out by January’s oddly spring-like weather. 

Neither last week’s surprise snowfall nor this week’s freezing temperatures and cold rain have deterred them. Hunkered down against the morning chill, by afternoon they stand bright and bold, a splash of sunshine against winter-brown grass and leafless trees.  

Take a lesson from the daffodil. When you hear the call to grow, don’t let anything stop you. Don’t be distracted from your goals by adverse circumstances or sluggish results. It is a fact of nature that growth takes time. Winter’s freeze is as important to the growth cycle of perennials as is spring’s warmth.  

So make good use of waiting times. Rather than dwelling on obstacles, chafing against slowness – create a mental picture of your goal achieved, your dreams fulfilled. See yourself minus 20 pounds. Visualize your marriage happy and satisfying. Imagine your career blossoming, your children maturing into successful adults. Tap into the power of your imagination to paint in the details. 

As you do this day after day, you create an emotional environment favorable to growth. You find the patience and courage to persevere. 

In the Christian church calendar, the season of Lent has begun. Lent too is an in-between time. The celebration of Christ’s birth is long past and the joy of Easter is weeks away. Traditionally a time for reflection and repentance, it also serves to remind us of Christ’s courage and perseverance in his single-minded journey toward his passion and resurrection.  

If you find yourself in the doldrums of an in-between time or in the midst of adversity, look to Christ’s example. And let the sight of daffodils remind you to reach for courage to persevere. 

When sunny skies and warm breezes return, you will find your goals achieved and your dreams flowering into reality.  It will be worth the work and the wait. 

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