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In Search of a Healthy Weight

You’ve heard it ad nauseum – the benefit of regular exercise. It promises weight loss and increased energy. It is supposed to lift your mood and guarantee a longer life. It’s almost magic. It’s not magic Regular moderate exercise has been part of my life for decades. I make a habit of walking for an… Read more »

Overcoming seasonal detachment disorder to enjoy holiday family gatherings

Come November family gatherings are as inevitable as falling leaves. Airports and highways jammed with travelers heading home for the holidays are clear evidence of the human longing for attachment and connection. Yet, it’s an axiom of modern culture that these gatherings are often more endured than enjoyed, a testimony to widespread SDD – Seasonal… Read more »

Beware social media health hazards

man hidden by green leaves looks at his phone face hidden

Warning. Social media may be hazardous to your health. The health of your marriage that is. Start with what Facebook does so well. Connecting you to old friends. When those old friends are ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, high school sweethearts or college heart throbs – reconnecting may be the first step toward a marital crisis. Ditto… Read more »

How Does Your Garden Grow?

yellow sun over pink flowers in green field

We humans, like spring flowers and summer gardens, are hardwired for growth. The early decades of life are characterized by luxuriant growth as goals are pursued, ambitions formed and challenges conquered. Think of the phenomenal growth in a healthy baby’s first year. The transformations as toddlers acquire language and muscle control. The delight as they… Read more »