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Beware the Holiday Landmines

young boy with blond hair holds top of Bible to his forehead while praying in front of a Christmas tree

Daily news reports of body counts and terror create in us a longing for the holidays to bring us cheer. We ache for moments of happiness, meaningful family time, celebration, fun. We yearn for the reality of “peace on earth and good will among men.” We are drawn to stories of love and generosity that… Read more »

Christmas Memories

young lady with simple blouse and long skirt sits on floor with lit christmas lights cupped in her hands

We hear a lot about making memories these days. Making memories has become a hook for selling everything from lavish birthday parties to cruises. In fact, memories are important. Good and bad, memories tell the story of our lives, in some measure giving us a sense of who we are. Treasured holiday memories grow not… Read more »