Help! is the instinctive cry of those who feel their life is in danger. Let’s say you’ve fallen through thin ice, been held up at gunpoint, been kidnapped, or any other high-impact movie scenario. Screaming for help will be your natural response. Babies of all species, but especially humans, need help just to survive and… Read more »

Christmas Reflections

Author’s note: The following is a purely imaginative take on a conversation between God the Father and God the Son as they prepared for the Son’s introduction to the human race. Imagine a scene in heaven, the home of the Godhead—Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Actually, they inhabit the universe with heaven as home base.  “It’s been… Read more »

The Value of Realistic Expectations

It’s been said that the secret to a happy life or a happy marriage, is to hope for everything and expect nothing. I beg to differ. Expect nothing and that’s what you’ll get. So, expectations need to be high. Right? Again. I beg to differ. In my opinion, realistic expectations are the key to contentment…. Read more »

Somethings Got to Change

“Somethings got to change. The status quo is not acceptable,” he says. “You don’t listen to me,” she fires back.  “You say one thing and do another.” “Talk is cheap. I need action.” “You change for two weeks. Then it’s back to business as usual.” These are words I hear often from clients in couples… Read more »

Death and Resurrection: Hope in the Age of Pandemic

Resurrection happens when life and death, darkness and light, converge. Because as Saint Francis said, “It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” In the midst of this pandemic, so much death. The number of deaths from COVID-19 headlines the news. How many people in the U. S. have been killed by… Read more »

Coping with Uncertainty

Uncertain times. Uncertain, ambiguous, undetermined, indefinite, unpredictable, unknown, uncertain. Uncertain is the word I seem to hear most often these days from the news to Sunday’s sermons, to the clients in my office. Or the clients not in my office because of—uncertainty. Is it safe, will I be exposed to something, what if…? Should I… Read more »

Walking Mindfully

It’s 8 a.m. Time to take our resident terrier mix out for her morning constitutional. I suit up for the 25-degree temperature while Sparkle jumps up and down and runs around in circles, telling me in no uncertain terms to hurry up. I zip myself into my navy multi-pocketed puffy coat, stash house keys and… Read more »

Depression: Understanding its Presence

Depression is not “all in your head.” While depression is medically characterized as a chemical imbalance in the brain, it affects your body as well as your thoughts and your feelings, in fact your whole life.   Depression is more than moodiness. While everyone has their down days, clinical depression goes beyond a blue mood… Read more »

Silencing Your Inner Critic

If you are constantly worried about what other people think of you, no doubt you have a serious inner critic. Someone who speaks in the familiar voice of a disapproving parent, teacher or spouse. Someone who says things like: “Now why did you do THAT?” “You did WHAT?” “Can’t you ever get it right?” “You… Read more »

Beware the Holiday Landmines

Daily news reports of body counts and terror create in us a longing for the holidays to bring us cheer. We ache for moments of happiness, meaningful family time, celebration, fun. We yearn for the reality of “peace on earth and good will among men.” We are drawn to stories of love and generosity that… Read more »