Life Not Working So Well These Days?

Is your career less than rewarding? Are you constantly disappointing yourself or others? Do you find your relationships are ho-hum or disintegrating?

Perhaps you don’t sleep well, and when morning comes you would rather stay under the covers than face the day. You are often anxious, irritable or angry. You secretly fear you are never going to be good enough for the life you long for.

You don’t know why you feel this way, but you are sick of it and ready to ask for help. When you find yourself ambushed by anxiety or laid low by depression that seems to have no cause or cure, an unprocessed trauma is often to blame.

As a child you may have experienced the pain of abandonment, neglect or abuse at the hands of those you trusted to protect you. Perhaps you were mercilessly bullied. You may have experienced life-threatening illness, war, fire or floods.

Wounds from traumatic experiences may be ignored for years as you get on with your life. Then one day you discover life isn’t working so well any more.

You try medication and learn some coping skills, but you’re still stuck.

That’s when it’s time to dig deeper, to identify and deal with the root causes.

Doris Motte, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), can help. Coming from a place of compassion and respect, she will walk with you through the process using her training in EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness, and drawing on her life experience and her faith.

If you are struggling in your marriage, Doris can help using the principles of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Developmental marriage counseling.

It takes courage to face your demons. But daring to take the risk can bring healing, growth and freedom.

If you’re ready to begin the healing journey, or would like more information about what is involved, call or email today.

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